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Rubber products, from standard to customisation

Rubber is a godsend for many applications in various industries. VS Rubber Products produces products from new and recycled rubber: pure, versatile and durable. With over 75 years of experience, we know everything there is to know about rubber and provide the best solution for your needs. From 1 to 100,000+ pieces.

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Standard rubber products

VS Rubber Products offers a standard range of rubber products such as rubber elastics, webbing straps, pallet ropes and anti-slip mats. View range

Custom rubber products

Custom rubber products, designed and manufactured according to your specific requirements, for optimal performance. More information

Use all the qualities of rubber

All different types of rubber are suitable for their specific application due to their typical properties. From chemical resistance to temperature and properties such as FDA. VS Rubber Products gets the best out of rubber for your application. We use different types of rubber such as cellular rubber, solid rubber and technical foams to achieve your end product with various production processes such as (die) cutting, laminating and gluing, or a combination of these.

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We think along with 75 years of experience

Our sister company VS Rubber Recycling has been recycling and processing rubber waste into usable raw materials since 1947. Since 2017, we have also been producing end products through the acquisition of Rübenach KG from Düsseldorf. With VS Rubber Products (formerly Rubberindustrie EBO) we complete the circle in end products for various applications. From process optimization to a greener way of working. With our knowledge and experience we know exactly what you need. In this way, we provide you the best solution that suits your wishes and requirements, even if it is highly complex and in limited quantities.

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“I experience the cooperation with VS Rubber Products as pleasant. When I have questions, I receive an answer quickly. Things are handled professionally and adequately”.
In brief: “Work actively to find the best solution, can move quickly and are reliable when it comes to deliveries.”
My review is short but sweet: VS Rubber Products is fast, reliable and thinks with you! In short, a competent partner for Inno Metal & Assembly.

VS Rubber Products thinks along with you

Do you want to use the specific properties of rubber for your application? Contact VS Rubber Products. We think along with you.