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Our Processing techniques


Vulcanisation is the making together of rubber. At high temperature and pressure, the molecules are bonded together, adding strong cross-links. We melt the rubber together, so to speak. You can vulcanise similar products together, but also rubber on metal, for example. Vulcanisation is also often used to vulcanise an extruded profile together to form a moulded product.

Die Cutting

With our various Die Cutting machines and more than 1,300 different die cutting tools, we die cut various types of rubber according to drawings. We can provide almost all our materials with an adhesive layer on both sides.


Want to make your rubber products easy to handle, or give them an extra mounting aid? Then have VS Rubber Products laminate it with an adhesive layer.

Re-Rolling of sealing tape

Need self-adhesive sealing tape? We supply that in various types of cellular rubbers and foams. Determine the size yourself and choose the width even by millimetres. Depending on the size and material, you will receive the sealing tape on a roll.

CNC Cutting

Our cutting machines cut gaskets and seals from various types of rubbers. Do you have a drawing of your product? Then our computer-controlled machine processes the product immediately. We cut it into almost any desired shape and can provide almost all our sheet material with a self-adhesive layer.


The term Assembly is a very broad description. It may involve gluing several layers of rubber and/or cellular rubber together for an end product or gluing rubbers to metal. We also offer the possibility of assembling products into a set. These sets can be packaged individually and provided with the desired sticker.


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