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As a group, we have been working with rubber in all its shapes and forms since 1947. Since 2017, VS Rubber Products has been getting the best out of rubber in rubber products for all kinds of applications, including sealing, damping and insulation in temperature and sound. From gasket to profile and from o-ring to vibration damper.

Expertise and reliability

Ahead in rubber
Highly experienced team
Always the same point of contact
VS Rubber Products is known to us as a flexible and reliable partner. We have a long-standing cooperation in which VS Rubber Products tries to unburden us as much as possible. The quality-price ratio perfectly matches our and our customers’ wishes. VS Rubber Products produces single pieces to complete assemblies for us, whereby delivery times are respected and met. All in all, VS Rubber Products is a valued supplier in our chain.
Since 2018, we have been doing business with VS Rubber Products. We buy custom-made gaskets in various material types for us. At VS Rubber Products, I think we have good quality, flexibility and good service with short delivery times at a market-based price.
We as MCM have enjoyed working with VS Rubber Products for several years. We do this in terms of both purchasing and sales. We use various rubber products from VS Rubber Products, which we assemble into a complete product for our customers. VS Rubber Products works closely with us to find the right solution to our needs. Besides purchasing rubber, we also supply machined metal parts to VS Rubber Products that are assembled.

From 1984 to the presentover 40 years in a nutshell

Founding of B.V. Rubberindustrie EBO
B.V. Rubberindustrie EBO was founded in 1984 in Geldrop.
Acquisition of Rubberindustrie EBO
The company was sold to the Van Someren family. The family already had 3 successful rubber recycling companies in Venlo, Dilsen Stokkem (BE) & Lebanon PA (US).
Name change and rebranding
To create recognisability and uniformity, it was decided in 2024 to continue under 2 different companies. The recycling plants in Venlo, Dilsen Stokkem (BE) & Lebanon, PA (US) will continue under the name VS Rubber Recycling. The plant in Geldrop (formerly Rubberindustrie EBO) will continue under the name VS Rubber Products BV.

The strength of a family business

The ‘VS’ in VS Rubber Products stands for Van Someren. Father Hans van Someren laid the foundation for the growth of VS Rubber Recycling and VS Rubber Products, which the children Christian, Robert and Linda van Someren are building on now and in the future. Linda focuses on HR, Robert on production and quality and Christian concentrates on commerce and transport. The team of over 40 employees also feels part of the family, which has always remained close-knit with the great growth over all these years.

Part of the VS Rubber Group

Our solutions are as versatile as rubber itself. For customers all over the world, we make high-quality technical rubber products amade from various types of solid rubber, cellular rubber and technical foams. We do this with rubber raw materials from Europe, optionally from our sister company VS Rubber Recycling.

  • VS Rubber Products
    Processing rubber into customised finished products such as rubber bands, tension straps, gaskets, cellular rubber band, vibration dampers and many more machine parts.
  • VS Rubber Recycling
    Recycling of rubber waste and processing into usable raw materials and semi-finished products such as rubber buffings, rubber powders and rubber granulates.

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